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We fulfill Utah orders through the DABS Special Order program. It’s simple and best of all – no shipping fees!



Our cider lineup changes seasonally. See the table below for what’s on offer now. *indicates out of stock, but returning soon!

How to place a DABS Special Order:

    1. At the DABS website, click on the “Place a Special Order” button.

    1. Create an account and start a new order. Choose the DABS store where you’d like to pick up your product(s).

    1. Scroll through the voluminous special order catalog or jump right to the item you want by entering the product code.

    1. Submit the order. We will deliver your cider to the DABS central warehouse. They will let you know when to pick it up at your local store.

Mixed Cases DABS SKU
Mixed Cider Series 922805
Mixed Session Meads 928044
Mixed Dessert Meads 926254
Flagship Ciders | available year-round |  
Camp Cohab 924247
Etta Place Dry 921538
Etta Place Gingered 923144
Grand Circle Semi-dry 921539
Hopped 923835
Imperial 926687
Seasonal Ciders | available seasonally, in theory |  
Barrel-Aged Cider 922433
Ciderkin (650 ml)* 924248
Etta Place Pear* 921541
Off-dry* 921962
Sparkling Rhubarb Peach Wine* 923759
Stray Arrow Newtown Pippin* 921963
Stray Arrow Rosé (available in Torrey) 921540
Velvet Ridge Newtown Pippin 926514
Wassail* 926688
Dessert-Style Meads  
Etta’s Reserve Apricot Mead 926255
Etta’s Reserve Fig Mead 923833
Etta’s Reserve Quince Mead 926256
Session Meads  
Lemon-Lime-Grapefruit Session Mead 927742
Pineapple-Passion Fruit Session Mead 927741
Raspberry-Hibiscus Session Mead 926689
Dessert-Style Meads  
Etta’s Reserve Apricot Mead 926255
Etta’s Reserve Fig Mead
Fortified Cider
Pipistrelle Pommeau 925284

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