Wassailing the orchards is an old custom from the west counties of England that may go back to before Christian times. We will select a Wassail Monarch for the year, scare the evil spirits out of the orchard with noise makers and march around. Then we sing a silly song, the Monarch pours cider on the ground and we praise the trees for this year’s harvest. Then we retreat to someplace warm, like the taproom.

We have been wassailing our orchards for years, we were just never able to invite all of you because there was no place to go afterwards. The taproom is the answer we have been waiting for.

Things to know:

  • kids and well-behaved dogs are welcome in the orchard. You will meet our #CiderDogs and they love making new friends.
  • no kids at the taproom please. #CiderDogs are welcome on the patio but it’s going to be very cold.
  • meet at the Bluebird Orchard (300 E and 100 S in Torrey) at 5 pm. Park on 100 S near the gate. We will caravan from the taproom at 4:45 for those who want to follow a leader.
  • dress WARMLY. Sunset is at 5:25 and the wind is always a factor.
  • bring your noisemakers: drums, trumpets, New Year’s Eve leftovers, kazoos, pots & pans.
  • choose your footwear for a working farm. The orchard footing is uneven and there may be snow on the ground.

The Entrada Institute is hosting a concert that evening as well. Bob Greenspan and Mama T will be performing their blues music starting at 7 pm at the old Robbers Roost bookstore. You’ll want to register for the concert at the Entrada website. We are going to stay open an extra hour on Saturday just in case folks want to hang out afterwards.